Assaona, a cocktail every week

It was the late 80s when Brian Flanagan entered, cocktail in hand, into the lives of half the world. First in the cinema and then on TV. It was the era of the video store, when video tapes were rewound endlessly. It has only been thirty-odd years since then…

For those of you who are still confused, Flanagan was the character played by Tom Cruise in Cocktail, the film in which he dreamt of setting up a professional cocktail bar with good music and a host of fantasies that delighted teenagers all over the world.

Now back on earth, that’s what our entry is about. The cocktail is back in fashion. Perhaps it never went out of fashion, although, with everything that is happening, consumption habits have adapted to the rhythm of the new life. The cocktail is a singular, peculiar and unique drink. Maybe that is the reason for its comeback, that it is a special combination. It has that elegant touch that had escaped us through some of the cracks in a world that is just as scared as it is eager for illusion.

At Assaona we observe on a daily basis how the colours of this blend of liqueurs influence people’s moods. Each week we dedicate it to a cocktail or whatever you want to call it. Because here, the important thing is to understand each other.

We are waiting for you here, facing the sea, with our signature cocktails.