Assaona, your gastrobeach club in Portixol, an enchanting seaside environment

Located only a few kilometres from the old town of Palma, this small urban nucleus in Portixol has experienced, in past decades, an extraordinary transformation on all levels, a true metamorphosis which has changed this historic fishing town, from a more coastal suburb of Palma in the years before the tourism boom into its current hospitality expansion, making it a must visit destination for residents and tourists, fascinated by an enclave filled with a very special magic.

This small bay in Portixol, located between the popular Can Pere Antoni beach and the more well-known and touristic Playa de Palma, offers its visitors with a true breath of fresh air, an unexpected essence that surprises those who visit this old sea-fairing neighbourhood when they gaze upon its colourful urban appearance, stunningly preserved, you will find a plurality of styles and registers coexisting amongst one another. The restaurants in Portixol have a fantastic reputation, with their heterogeneous gastronomic offers, its bars, shops and traders, are all surrounded by a bohemian and somewhat transgressive atmosphere.

Amongst the many attractions in Portixol which stand out, there is the very special seafront promenade, which thousands of people walk along throughout the year, fascinated by a coastal environment which exudes true beauty. Almost at the water’s edge, the old fishermen’s houses catch your eye, today transformed in to modern properties with magnificent views and that coincide with a multitude of magical corners scattered throughout the neighbourhood. Intimate spaces that have preserved their genuine coastal attraction taking you back to another time and that project a feeling of freedom, spontaneity and joy for living…elements that make Portixol a small urban paradise on the banks of the calm sea.


The most chic restaurant in Portixol is open every day of the year

In this privileged enclave, with extraordinary views of the Can Pere Antoni beach, a place that’s traditionally very popular with the inhabitants of Palma and located only a few metres from the spectacular Palace of Congress in Palma (a recent and ambitious commitment to the diversification of the tourism offer of the Mallorcan capital), you will find Assaona Gastrobeach Club in el Portixol an authentic and chic restaurant for even the most refined of palates, who know exactly what they want. Assaona is open 365 days a year, which allows the client to enjoy it’s features in both the summer months- the sound of the sea, its aroma and light, accompanied by a soft breeze which leaves behind echoes of the sea from other eras and times- and during the brief cold and wet Mallorcan winter, when you want to share conversations, time and friendship around a table and close to a chimney, whilst the waves crash down on the rocks.

The name Assaona originates from the Mallorcan verb “assaonar” (to season) and that same name has inspired and driven this prestigious restaurant in Portixol right from the very start, it is that very first moment that pushes us to perfect and have everything just right. In our case, we are talking about the management of culinary creation with extreme attention to detail, orientated towards the pure enjoyment of the customer and putting at their disposal high quality dishes, in which tradition and modernism work in perfect harmony.


Discover your Gastrobeach Club in Portixol and enjoy its ample offer of services

But Assaona is much more than a restaurant, it is a space which ties together the modern philosophy of the gastrobeach club, an establishment purposefully designed to serve clients from the very first hours of the morning up until the late hours of the night. What we offer, isn’t exclusively just gastronomy, it also includes enjoying a nice beverage or savouring a sophisticated cocktail, listening to good music, chatting amongst friends in a calm and relaxing environment after having wandered through the magical streets of Portixol and gazing at the blue-green sea that always welcomes us in, as if it knew all along that we would always come back to it, time after time after we hear it calling.

Assaona is all of this and much more. It is a place to share, to enjoy gastronomy, savour a great wine and to enjoy the nearby rolling waves whilst listening to music which puts you in a relaxing and serena state. Assaona is your gastrobeach club in el Portixol and also your most trustworthy ally and guide for when it comes to discovering this magical spot located in a small bay in the outskirts of Palma.