Mallorcan cuisine, a permanent centre of gravity

Battiato is half gone, because in the streets it was May and we walked together jokingly counting bunches of nettles. And that is now forever. It is the same with Mallorcan cuisine, understood as the set of typical dishes that represent this land.

Kitchens have something of a permanent centre of gravity. They are the heart, the nucleus of a house. In the kitchen one confesses oneself from the yolk and up to where it is necessary; before a sauce or in front of a dessert, what does it matter. The kitchen is home and nest, pure intimacy. The salt of life.

I am looking for a permanent centre of gravity that does not make me change my idea of things about people over and over again?

Mallorcan food

Actually, everything is related. At Assaona we know what we are talking about because when we were born we thought of a name that summarised all of the above. And with that idea we came up with the Mallorcan verb assaonar: to marinate, to compose, to spice. In short, to preserve the flavour, to maintain the essence, to get to the core. The centre of gravity, again.

Words have the power to grant people the gift of ubiquity if you let yourself be carried along by the path they take. They allow you to get to know and taste the typical gastronomy, in this case of Mallorca, without moving from wherever you are. Through the verb “to season” we can find the spark, which is the salt.

How well the Mallorcan madonnas did it, heads of their houses and kitchens, even if they did not own them. They knew how to find the point of maturity in things and strip away time until they discovered the eternal depths of respect.

Now you know how and where we are, in case you ever get lost in your centre…

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