More than just a seafront restaurant in Mallorca

It seemed as if it would never arrive, but it is already here. Spring in Mallorca has let itself be loved, it has arrived slowly, as if asking for permission. Without bothering.

A few days ago a woman posed in a restaurant with spectacular views of the bay of Palma. She probably uploaded a post on one or all of her networks, you never know, accompanied by the best dinner with views in Mallorca or in the best restaurant in front of the sea in Mallorca.

When I got home, the image of the lady in that restaurant with spectacular views in Mallorca was still in my head. That woman didn’t say anything, she was there and just had her picture taken. It seemed that her only intention was to show off that place, that restaurant with good views in Mallorca. To show off, to make people envious, to illustrate a moment that perhaps she herself was not enjoying.

That scene made me think of our creature. And I realised that Assaona Gastrobeach Club was more than just a beachfront restaurant in Mallorca. Much more than a view of the Mediterranean. And, of course, much more than a post.

We are a way of feeling, a way of smelling, a shot of honey in this world that has stopped and is looking for a way to turn again. Just like spring…

Book your table at our gastrobeach club in Palma de Mallorca and tell us what you feel here, in our house.