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Los árboles mudan las hojas mientras Assaona cambia la carta

Con la bajada de las temperaturas mirar el mar es reconfortante. Es un momento ideal de hacerlo mientras disfrutas de una nueva propuesta gastronómica en Assaona donde destaca el producto de temporada. Platos para compartir como las vieras con salsa de manzana y crujiente de almendras o la ensalada thai con tiras de solomillo entre […]
Assaona, un cóctel cada semana

Assaona, a cocktail every week

It was the late 80s when Brian Flanagan entered, cocktail in hand, into the lives of half the world. First in the cinema and then on TV. It was the era of the video store, when video tapes were rewound endlessly. It has only been thirty-odd years since then… For those of you who are […]
cocina mallorquina

Mallorcan cuisine, a permanent centre of gravity

Battiato is half gone, because in the streets it was May and we walked together jokingly counting bunches of nettles. And that is now forever. It is the same with Mallorcan cuisine, understood as the set of typical dishes that represent this land. Kitchens have something of a permanent centre of gravity. They are the […]
restaurante frente al mar en Mallorca

More than just a seafront restaurant in Mallorca

It seemed as if it would never arrive, but it is already here. Spring in Mallorca has let itself be loved, it has arrived slowly, as if asking for permission. Without bothering. A few days ago a woman posed in a restaurant with spectacular views of the bay of Palma. She probably uploaded a post […]
Noche de san Juan Assaona

Assaona, even more magical in San Juan

Light a wish and enliven it with a gastronomic experience on the shores of the Mediterranean. June 23 is San Juan and to celebrate it, in Assaona we have prepared a menu to receive the shortest night of the year and toast under the stars in your company. At Assaona, Gastrobeach Club located in the […]

Gastronomy in Assaona, our beach club in Palma

Assaona is more than just a restaurant, it is a space designed to serve the client from the first hour of the morning until the early hours of the morning. Our beach club in Portixol offers you the best Mediterranean cuisine in a unique setting. And, for sure, we will have time throughout the summer […]

The gastronomy at Assaona, our beach club in Palma

Assaona is much more than a restaurant, it is a space designed for customer satisfaction from the early hours of the morning until the late hours of the night. Our beach club in Portixol offers the best Mediterranean gastronomy in a unique surrounding. A selection of the best produce from la Lonja and from local […]
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